Assisted living is a topic most families will have to research and discuss at some point. By definition, assisted living facilities are a safe place where elderly residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible.  If help is needed, staff is readily available to come to the aid of residents. Most assisted living complexes provide dining rooms,  personal apartments, social activities (including exercise programs), personal care services and in some facilities, health care services. Living in this type of environment is a great choice for someone who is not able to live completely on their own anymore but does not yet need to be in a nursing home.

     Residents are assessed upon moving into an assisted living facility in order to determine what services they need. Some residents may only need help preparing meals or managing and taking their medication while others may have memory disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer's. These people would require additional services and be more dependent on the staff and medical personnel. Still others may only have trouble with transportation, and decide to live in an assisted living residence in order to get to and from their normal daily activities.

     Many assisted living facilities are designed just like a normal apartment building complete with elevators and personal living quarters. These apartments are equipped with a full bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen area. In some cases, these kitchens are equipped with all the commodities of a regular kitchen so residents can make meals on their own.  This is perfect for elderly individuals who need the least amount of support. Simple things such as a kitchen make residents feel at home and ease their transition into living outside of their own homes.

      These facilities are staffed with trained employees who continually assess an individual residents' needs.  These assessments may be done monthly or every few months depending on the individuals' condition. It is during these assessments that staff can adjust individual routines or care plans, and when it comes time, help families decide on the next step when assisted living is no longer adequate for their loved one.

     Deciding on what residence to choose for an elderly relative is a very important choice for a family to make. It is so important for the elderly to still have their sense of independence as well as a safe place to reside. With the proper resources and support, finding the right residence for a loved one can be easy, stress free and as exciting as looking for a new home. For more information talk to local assisted living companies, like Schlegel Villages