If you have a relative who is taking the step to move to a senior care residence (click here for more info), you will soon feel at ease knowing they are being well-cared for in a facility that will keep them safe. The first few days at a senior care residence may be a bit rough on your relative as they are trying to learn the ropes. Here are a few ways you can make the transition from their old home to their new home in the residence a positive experience overall. 

Make A Visitation Schedule

Accompany your relative to the facility on their first day so you can help them familiarize themselves with the hallways and rooms within the buildings. When you find their room, help them unpack their belongings and decorate their room to their liking. At this time, bring out a calendar that you had made for them and put it on their wall. Mark the calendar with days that you are sure you will be able to come in for a visit. 

Your relative will enjoy knowing there are times set aside where they will have a visitor coming to see them and it will help them get through the beginning days a little easier knowing someone will be there with them shortly. Place visits with grandchildren or other family members on the calendar as well, giving your relative something to look forward to.

Send Some Memories

Send small trinkets to your relative each week to help lift their spirits. Find old photographs, video tapes and cassette tapes with old memories your loved one would enjoy reminiscing about and mail one or two in a package without warning. If you have some of the items that had been in their home, send one every once in a while for them to place in their room. Send new photographs of yourself and other family members as well so your relative can share in the activities you are enjoying in your life. Your relative will enjoy getting care packages with treasures inside, making them excited when they hear they have mail.

Join In On The Fun

In the beginning days at the senior care residence, ask the caretakers if it would be alright for you to go with your relative to some of the activities offered within the facility. You will be able to help your relative learn how to play a game, use a computer, or make a craft along with other residents. Others will most likely be curious about why you are present, and you might have some ask you who you are. At this time, you can introduce your relative to them so they start to make a few new acquaintances. Having you as moral support will help them get off on the right path in making friends and in time you will not be needed to go to all activities as they will have other peers to share the experiences with.