When you find that your elderly loved one needs some assistance to take care of himself, you have the option of moving him to an assisted living facility or to take care of him at home with the help of caregivers.

Senior home care can, however, be expensive. That is not to say that in-home care is out of the question. Here are measures you can take to make it affordable:

Independent Care Workers

Independent care workers are typically cheaper than agency workers. But there's a definite advantage in using home care agencies.

Home care agencies do a background check of the staff and can offer a replacement at short notice. If you are okay with the risk and inconveniences involved, then you may opt for an independent care worker.

Stick to Necessary Services

Home health aides are more expensive than home care aides. In addition to the normal care of your loved one, they also assist with simple medical procedures.

Do you really need a home health aide? If so, you can have them come just a few times in the week. The rest of the time you can use a home care aide.

Online Care/Companion Care

If all your loved one needs is companionship, then consider online care, also called companion care. This involves chatting with online companions who are real people, over a computer screen or tablet. This is much cheaper than having someone come into the home.

Extra Funding

There are hundreds of organizations that offer financial assistance for the care of the elderly. Find out if your loved one is eligible.

Tax Credits and Deductions

How the individual aging parent files his tax returns can impact the amount of tax that is deductible.

If the aging person is registered as a dependant, there may be deductions. Consult your tax expert to see how you can take advantage of such deductions and credits.

Respite Care

A lot of non-profit organizations offer respite care for the elderly. Such organizations offer a few hours of care for your loved one free of charge or at subsidized rates.

For example, there is the Alzheimer's respite care, respite care for veterans, etc. You can find out other respite care providers in your neighborhood.

The key to affording senior home care lies in exploring extra funding sources, reducing the number of paid hours and services, and taking advantage of subsidies. Make sure they are also in a senior living community that can help take care of some of their needs and help them find solidarity with other seniors who are facing similar changes to their independence.

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